Custom Cabinet Designers

A Unique Storage ExperienceCustom kitchen cabinet designers

Our professional designers are capable of customizing every aspect of your dream storage space—meaning your storage is crafted to not only meet your needs, but give your home or office the personal touch it deserves. 


When you contact Lake Country Custom Cabinets, you’re guaranteed a team of professionals ready to listen to your requests and fulfill them with the best quality products sourced right here at home. We’re skilled creators crafting:

  • Custom kitchen cabinets
  • Custom display cabinets
  • Custom bathroom cabinets
  • Custom garage cabinets
  • Custom closet storage
  • Custom desk cabinets

And so much more—with our creative thinkers and quality produces, there’s no limit to our designs. Consult with a designer to see how we can bring your vision to life.


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Stock Cabinets vs Custom Cabinets

You could get your cabinets from big box stores—that may be the cheapest route, but you pay a separate price in the long run when you build your storage space with sub-rate wood products. Big box stores work around regulations and quality to sell dirt cheap products that may not even last you a year—why not invest in custom designed cabinets, sure to last you decades of use and beauty?



The Myths of Semi-Custom Cabinets

Commercial wood work designs

Stock cabinets that can be slightly changed to meet your storage needs are considered semi-custom cabinets. These pre-fab storage options are limited to custom extra detailing add-ons that never quite fit your vision. Don’t settle for semi-custom, poorly made stock cabinets when you can get the whole package from Lake Country Custom Cabinets.

Residential & Commercial Storage Design

Homeowners contact Lake Country Custom Cabinets when they want their storage to reflect their unique vision. We’re adept in cabinet design, intuitive to your tastes and needs, and are able to deliver those timeless cabinets you want to flourish in your home. Check out our residential cabinet gallery for home inspiration.

Building out your office space and want well-crafted, unique woodwork? Look through our commercial cabinet design gallery to get started.

Whether you need file storage to match the prestige of your business, unique tables for your classrooms, or custom shelves for your office fish tank, then Lake Country Custom Cabinets has the experience to deliver.